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A little about us.

Mandy We had a major moment. You know... like an epiphany? One day we were talking about how mushy and nasty oatmeal packets are, when wham, out of nowhere, we decided to start an oatmeal company . . . in the house!

Yep, you get the picture. The two of us, with husbands and kids... all sprinkling ingredients into little cups, and using family and friends as "guinea pigs" to taste-test hundreds of different blends! When we started selling oatmeal cups to coffee shops, and making deliveries by car, our families thought we were crazy. But, but one thing led to another, and our determination only grew. Creating the best oatmeal in the world took a lot of time and patience. And before we knew it, everyone at home in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon had heard of our "reinvention" of oatmeal.

Today, Umpqua Oats is one of the fastest growing food companies in America, and we are giving that big corporate oatmeal brand a run for their money! So every time you see the new oatmeal with the funny name, think of us! And know that we are having a great time making the healthiest and best quality oatmeal on the planet. Thanks for buying Umpqua Oats... and that’s our story!

Sheri & Mandy